Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Living the Life

I love "old school" Living the Life when the boys are back aka Ocean's 7 (JD, Johnta Austin, Trey Songz, B. Cox, Tyrone & Nelly). Pure hilarity.

My favourite episodes/installments are the ones with Johnta, I'm sorry but that man is too funny for words. Just take a look:

That Samuel L. Jackson face is about to be my new trademark. Side-eye on the extreme!


P.S. Yellow, black and white always look amazing together (see Gucci RTW Spring 2008 and Johnta in the above video)

Friday, 5 March 2010

The [Mixtape] List

Most people would give you a shopping list... but not I! I have a penchant for mixtapes when:
1) They are mixed well and
2) Haven't got the DJ of the mixtape shouting all over it (I got the mixtape to listen to the MUSIC...)

So these are over due but better late than never:

TML copy

LoveLetters & BrokenHearts simple copy

Reasons like 1, 2 & 3:
1. DJ Lissa Monét is my favourite DJ.
2. Her mixtapes are so good I forget what the original track sounds like...
3. This mixtape is a Valentine's Day collab. with DJ P-Plus who I hear nothing but good things about. Read about & download here

Curren$y - an artist I'm a little familiar with. I'll tell you what I know: Curren$y ex-Young Money member (no bad blood there), a talented rapper (see here) and DJ Don Cannon (my 2nd fav. DJ) mixed it. Recipe for success. Download here

*sidebar*: Seriously Don Cannon is so good I am refusing to pause "Gone Fishing" by The Cool Kids.


P.S. Thank you to all you DJs who count bars. My ear drums love you.