Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Write Like A Kid

So today, I saw a friend's list of goals. What was so different and refreshing about it was the aspirational feel to it. It wasn't materialistic, with a list of things to buy or get, but instead things to learn and grow from.

The style she wrote in was child-like, not in an immature way, but more like dreams. We laughed about it at the time, but I really liked the idea.

Her list went a little something like this:

1. Have an epic love story ("Something like Dear John, something to tell the children" - She said)
2. Climb a really big mountain
3. Learn to speak fluently in...
4. Run a marathon

and so on (it was like a page long and I can't remember the rest!) I liked it so much I wrote my own!

Try and write your own, it's actually fun and humbling... Takes you back to being a little kid, care-free and limitless.


P.S. Seriously, watch Shadrack & The Mandem = hilarity.


Lily said...

Aww, I remember making these kind of lists when I was little. You've inspired me to do it again! :)



Natalie said...

I'm glad you did! It was sorta fun right?


danté said...

this is very funny! Takes me back to them days I was still being fed by my mum. I might just write up my own list

Natalie said...

haha you should, the things that come out will make you laugh even more

i.e. I want to swim with dolphins and I can't even swim lol