Thursday, 8 April 2010

Excuse Me, I Need to get to my Window Seat

So I am writing this at the dead of night (03:05am) and it's probably why I'm writing this.

First rambling:

Ever feel like you want to get away? It's not that anything and everything around you is too much, but you just want some tranquility. Not even to assess thoughts, reaffirm your goals - but just to be. Be still and by yourself.

I feel like that now. And whenever that happens I want to be somewhere beautiful, quiet, outside, any time of day. Cool, but warm and with an iPod full of Jay-Z (listening to Excuse Me Miss right now). 

Funny, but his music is my "get-away" music.

What's yours?


PS Erykah Badu's Window Seat shares some of the same feelings:


judi♥ said...

omg i cracked up show much from that video.
that made my day.

Natalie said...

lol I love Kid Fury too, subscribe to his YouTube video, seriously all his videos are that funny :)