Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Thrifting... got it for cheap 001.1

Thrifting is the American term for charity shopping. Yes, all these purchases are from a charity shop!
So this Friday was my second time thrifting and all the bougeois symptoms of a 1st time thrifter came back:

#1: It's normal to notice the old smell, tense your shoulders and not like it.
Don't worry you'll get used to and don't let it prevent you from digging into the racks and finding that great piece!

#2: It's normal to not want/be afraid to touch the clothes.
Even though you intend to shop, it can take a little time to get over the fact that these clothes are probably worn and not washed. That's not to say they are in poor condition though. Buying something from a thrift shop just means you'll have to wash it before you wear it, so it's cleaner when you do! Think about it, it's cleaner than buying something from a store.

After about 10 minutes those symptoms went away and I was settled.
Expressions Realia has a great post for 1st time thrifters: Thrifting for Dummies

My first buy:
Plaid Double Breasted Skirt Suit
Plaid Double Breasted Suit for £8.99

I won't ever wear these two items together. I'd look like a member of a Scottish clan on overdrive, but I love the blazer and the skirt by themselves. The details are just perfect. The blazer is double breasted with gold buttons and the skirt has pockets and can be worn as high waisted. I love pockets and high waisted skirts so it's perfect for me!

Details of Plaid Skirt Suit

Tip #1: Send pictures of what you are looking at to a trusted friend.
I say this because sometimes an item can be so cheap you have to buy it, then when you get home you realise:
a) It's either hideous or b) it doesn't even fit.
I was going to buy a hideous denim jacket but my friend Fiona stopped me over BBM.

Tip #2: Use the changing room provided.
Fit is very important regardless of the age of an item. If it doesn't fit, you can't wear it that way and you can't alter it to, it isn't for you...

I'll post the other 4 items tomorrow!



Unyime Akpanudosen said...

very nice finds!

Natalie said...

Thanks! I always get super anxious to wear thrift store finds... I washed it on Saturday and wore it yesterday lol