Sunday, 4 April 2010

Magazine Fiend 01

I love magazines. I have about 40 or so..

I wish I had a better way of storing them, though. I don't want to put them in boxes, because it's almost like they are hidden away. I'm not a fan of tearing pages either, I like for my magazines to be intact. The ideal storage solution for me would be to put them in bookcase squares spread against my wall, with some squares containing shoes and my jewellery "bowl". 

Just a little more randomly displayed.
(image source: Rosa-Fiona Bettina)

This post however, is actually about the magazines I want right now.

GQ April 2010: Shia LeBouf is on the cover. Not really exciting for me, but I have seen the spread online and I love the Wall Street(reminds me of Mad Men) concept. Also the guys from Street Etiquette
are featured too, which is not only something to be proud of but something they have earned! Excited to see that, plus GQ is a great men's magazine (the best out in my opinion). BUT I still haven't found this issue and I've been to countless shops (Tesco, 2 WHSmiths and my newsagents)

Complex February/March 2010: I've always liked Complex. The double covers and the features they have. Not much to say, self-explanatory. Plus I like Drake & Michelle Trachtenberg. Street Etiquette are in the issue too.
Nylon April 2010: Zoe Saldana. I like her and the interview seems to be interesting. 


PS I still love the internet.

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